August, 2017:

"Survivor" named "Best Sci-Fi Film"


"Survivor", Directed by Christopher Carson Emmons, and shot by Nathaniel F. Haban, is off to an impressive festival run, winning "Best Sci-fi Film" at both the Top Shorts and Festigious International Film Festivals. It is now 2-for-2 in film festivals, with it being submitted to many more. We're honored by the recognition "Survivor" has had, and can only hope it keeps up this pace in future festivals.

June, 2017:


Winner: Best Cinematography

"Where The Great Spirits Live", the prequel to the award-winning "Two Rivers", wins Best Cinematography at the Southern Sykos Film Festival. The film was a bit of a stylistic departure for me, trying to blend classic noir and Hitchcockian thriller with my inherent sensibilities, but I'm grateful the risk paid off.

May, 2017:

The Word on "Operation: Dunkirk"...

"It's good... really good."

I opened up my email to find those words excitedly typed-out by the Producer of "Operation: Dunkirk", Bill Dever. According to him, there are whispers in the industry that "Operation: Dunkirk" is one of The Asylum's best works to date, and I feel this speaks volumes to the enthusiasm and dedication of our crew. I will be eagerly awaiting the premiere in July.

February, 2017:

8K Helium Sensor Arrives


Setting the highest ever DXOMark rating for a digital sensor, boasting an industry-best 8K capture, and giant improvement in low-light capabilty...

...I could write more, but I'm too eager to play with it myself.

December, 2016:

A Marathon of Features

I'm always eternal grateful for the opportunities that I've had in this industry, and this fall saw those opportunities flooding in. I found myself shooting a string of no less than 3 features back-to-back-to-back, capped by a beautifully poignant short. These films are:

"The Hunted"

"Another Yesterday"

"Operation: Dunkirk"


"The Hunted" is a found-footage thriller, shot in the forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Directed by horror film savant Mark Bessenger. "Another Yesterday" is a supernatural drama/mystery, about two youths trying to solve the centuries-old case of the death of a young girl. "Operation: Dunkirk", produced by The Asylum (Snarknado series) is their first foray into period action films, and tells the story of a small group of soldiers trying to escort a scientist past enemy lines. Finally, "Trafficked" is the cautionary tale of a young girl forced into the sex-trafficking trade. 

I will post more updates when they become available.

August, 2016:

"Filth" Wins Best Cinematography

At the 2016 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project, "Filth", a short film about a young, idealistic police officer and his grizzled, weary partner, took "Best Cinematography" out of a crowded field of over 50 films. You can see the film by clicking the link below:

Password: digitalfilm

June, 2016:

International Recognition

Two Rivers, a psychological-thriller which tells of the toxic, fatal relationship between embittered lovers Dirke and Emma, and which I was Director of Photography, recently won "Best Short Film" at the 2016 Near Nazareth Film Festival in Israel. Starring Mark Borchardt (American Film), and introducing Melonie Garter as Emma, it took home top honors at this year's festival.

Needless to say, I'm very honored and excited to receive recognition on an international level, and have foreign audiences appreciating work made here in Wisconsin.

March, 2016:

handle with care: full steam ahead

Haban Media Works has been brought on to produce Handle With Care, a warm family-friendly dramedy, to be shot in WI and MN in January, 2017.

With Academy Award nominee Peter Firth already attached, and a number of named talent expressing interest, this presents the biggest, most distinguished project yet for myself as a cinematographer, and Haban Media Works as a company.

We'll make sure to keep everyone updated on the project as it progresses. Please 'like' the film at the Facebook page below.

February, 2016:

Weapon, 8k, & beyond

Every time you get a notification from RED, your heart skips a beat.

Today was no different, as we received upgrade notification for our RED CF Weapon. As things keep getting bigger and better, we're looking forward to the new, exciting chapter ahead. For more information about RED Weapon cameras and their capabilities, please click on the link below.

January, 2016:

Continuing a Tradition

Haban Media Works is the proud sponsor of Wildwood Film Festival.

WWFF is Wisconsin's only film festival that is completely comprised of films made in WI and/or by WI filmmakers. We congratulate the festival organizers on 15 wonderful years!

We will be providing a full Cinema Camera package to this year's winner, for use on their next film. This continues our goal of promoting and supporting independent film making in Wisconsin and beyond. The 15th Annual Wildwood Film Festival is February 19-20, in Appleton, WI.

December 2015:

Catching my breath, Breathless

Catching my breath from an insanely busy few months, but looking forward and realizing it's not over yet. Film shoots for the features Chase Lemonade and The 60-Yard Line went great. An old TV pilot got a hint of new life. Wrapped 3 music videos. Even did the lighting design for the world premier of Matthew Schleisman's play Birch Hollow.

How do I wind down? With 2 cross-country road trips to NY and CA. Of course. But when your breath gets taken away by the stunning beauty of this country, you realize there's no other life for you.

There have been some amazing projects, and made some fantastic friends and connections along the way. Bigger things are coming. Features in Pittsburgh and NY on the slate for next year. And soon, production work begins on several other features. New gear and upgrades are coming. As I try to get my second wind to finish out the year, I'm beyond hopeful for what next year will bring.

November, 2014:

Smooth Operator

Just arrived: the new DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal hand-held stabilizer. Along with a Steadicam  arm, vest, and adapter plate,  this will be part of a planned 4-axis stabilizer system, allowing for free range of motion while shooting. 


Nathaniel F. Haban,               Director of Photography

Nathaniel Haban is an accomplished and award-winning filmmaker, experienced in multiple disciplines, including Cinematography, Lighting, Production Design, and Screenwriting.

A 2008 graduate of the University of WI - Oshkosh, with a B.A. in Film Production. Originally a double-major in Fine Arts and English, he jumped that the opportunity that film provided, to combine both fields - striking visual compositions with narrative storytelling.

It proved to be a very successful pairing. His work has garnered several awards, including ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Experimental Film’, and awards of merit. He has worked on countless films, many of which have gone on to wide release as well as critical and financial success.

He has gone to work on campaigns for Fortune-500 companies, Major-league sports teams, nearly 20 feature films, and countless short films and music and fashion videos. 

Haban media works,LLc                Film & video professionals

In 2012, Nathaniel Haban founded Haban Media Works, LLC a Wisconsin-based production company offering high-end, Hollywood-caliber cinematography and equipment support services to productions.

Haban Media Works pairs extensive experience in advertising, video, and feature-film environments, with professional-grade camera and lighting equipment, and strive to provide the highest-quality image possible to satisfy your cinematographic needs.

As an industry professional, and having worked on productions of all sizes, we understand the challenges of production, and look forward to working with you to bring your project to successful completion, whether it's filming, or getting you the equipment you need, at a price that works with your budget.

Below are just some of the wonderful companies that we've had the opportunity to partner with.

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